Prisca Paul or Mob Up Rogue? Unmasking the Real Identity in Samuel Tweah

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

As Liberia’s economy under footballing President George Weah lies in tatters and is one that is fast turning once happy families into impoverished despair, it is of exigency like the hospitals, that our Economic Management Team will require the best doctors or surgeons on this land called our birthplace to restore life in our ailing economy. It was expected by some if not most Liberians, that as clueless and politically barren as Weah is, and coupled with the fact that he told us that he inherited a broken economy from his predecessor, he could’ve hired the service of a qualified and competent Finance and Development Planning Minister that would along with teammates, find the medicinal cure or antidotes to our ailing economy and make Liberia once again, a ‘Glorious land of Liberty’ as it is intoned in the lyric of our National Anthem written by Daniel Bashiel Warner. But quite ridiculously, our economy as a patient is attended to by an incompetent doctor, a voodoo zombie economist and an academic fraudster in Prisca Paul whose real name is Samuel D. Tweah.

Under Samuel D. Tweah, alias Prisca Paul, our national budget has failed so miserably and abysmally the aspirations of the struggling poor of Liberia. Why our people barely find food to eat, plundering and looting the wealth of our country, buying properties in and out of Liberia’s shores, and giving crumbs to our people made impoverished to reclaim Montserrado, has become the focus of Weah’s government.

Instead of Prisca Paul taking delight in rallying the service of brilliant and egg heads in the discipline of economics (whom we have no shortage of), to come up with measures that would fix our economy, he now takes his office to Facebook spewing out innuendos and vomiting diatribes on decent breeds of our home soil. What is even more concerning and as well annoying is the fact that this incompetent imbecile element in Samuel Tweah will hide under a fictitious or pen name to attack some of our honest patriots who remain opposed to the brazen misrule of our country by Weah and Prisca Paul. No wonder that in an effort to circumvent the people’s focus to have Samuel Tweah alias Prisca Paul, prosecuted for heartlessly in a broad day stealing US$25 million intended to conduct mob up exercise, he now traverses from community to community heralding an obnoxious and outrageous absurdity to make Weah a “Benevolent Dictator” in order to loot and plunder our country’s coffers without being checked by the other branches or prosecuted by street jurors.

Who is Samuel Tweah alias  Prisca Paul? Is he an economist or a mob up rogue? Certainly, Samuel Tweah is a mob up rogue and an empty talking machine. Economically, he is clueless and his views on economic development are kindergarten and dotish.

Even in their ranks, the failed and ideologically barren CDC, this ritual economist in Samuel Tweah who hides under the pseudo name on Facebook, Prisca Paul, has gone envying the creative abilities of his ‘Demon-brothers and sisters’ in the CDC and public offices, and whose poor handling of our economy has birthed increased sufferings wrecking a vulnerable population, and at the same time leaving even Satan to baffle at his notorious achievements (personal properties and other wealth) without his assistance. No wonder why Morlu and other party executives have been marginalized and little attention is being given to them by George Weah.

Samuel Tweah has placed Weah in a cage and made him believe that the government is in touch with the people but Morlu and others running the party don’t know how to explain the government’s achievement; and so in this crucial time of midterm elections, he Tweah alias Prisca Paul will now take charge to preside over campaign resources, to distribute it to foot-soldiers and taking the government to the people in various communities.

This mob up theft of a minister has even conditioned Weah’s mind to believe that our unhappy families celebrate the poor quality of governance; hence, criticisms and public outbursts against the government are piloted by the opposition, majority of whom that just left state power and enjoy living off the taxes paid by Liberians.

For us, it is not surprising to us to see Prisca Paul, a mob up rogue, loosely dishing out millions of dollars stolen from our coffers to buy votes in Montserrado and even exalting ample efforts to use what is available before him as corrupt Finance Minister to rig the December polls in several other counties – a strategy to convince Weah that he needs not to wake up from his complacency as he is in touch with the suffering masses and turning them into happy citizens. What an evil by Prisca Paul! And if Tweah’s evil driven hidden motive can be achieved in these elections, trust me; Liberians should brace themselves for the most unbearable economic hardship since independence in 1847.

This marauding criminal and mob up theft in a funny looking Tweah and his accomplices have quickly developed the tactics of manipulating and in some instances, directing the whims and caprices of man, and even becoming more effective in their shelters, situated in spiritual places from where their victims are ensnared to advance schemes and scams anathema to the public good.

Sadly, this man who hid under the guise of being revolutionary while schooling at the University of Liberia, and standing up to injustices in the Taylor government now takes solace in living extravagant and opulent lifestyle at the expense of suffering taxpayers. He is just an opportunist and cannibal who was longing for the slightest opportunity to prey on the corpse of our last dying carcass. Everything he claims to have stood for yesterday is what Liberians are enduring under their leadership.

We will not hasten to remind Weah that the greatest threat posed to his legacy is not our opposition to his failed and flawed policies (and we shall remain opposed to the demise of this kleptocratic-kakistocracy), but the blatant hypocrisy of Samuel Tweah alias Prisca Paul and others who are the real opposition and looters, compelled by greed to complete their circle of thievery and will be on the next flight when things fall apart.

Our experiences with Weah’s predecessors thrive with this human evil of betrayal and flight for life when the President gets into trouble with the people. But yet, Samuel Tweah or Prisca Paul and cohorts are the ones that go out of the way to brand patriots who stand their ground consistently for three unbroken years as an enemy of the state, even in the face of crippling economic circumstances!

Perhaps also, it makes sense for the President to stare some of his officials in the face, especially the loud-mouth and loose talker Samuel Tweah whose pen name is Prisca Paul of his ‘best government’, and remember that; when this country turns chaotic as the signs are all out, it will not be your ministers whose lives may be at risk most but you the President.

I would also not forget to accentuate this point that Weah’s Finance Minister in Samuel Tweah is a dwarf and scalawag wandering with a conscience so wounded and pride lost to the ways of greed and slavish sycophancy.  But let Weah again be reminded that our country is on the most dangerous precipice of failed kakistocracy.

As I am set to deconstruct the masked Finance Minister, one wonders how long Tweah or Prisca Paul will continue to masquerade the democratic space, fallaciously catapulting his personage in a superior intellectual orbit he has no capacity or clout to attain; making himself ultra-zealot, to increase superfluous and undeserved relevance at the expense of the ignorance of the society. No serious Finance Minister carries himself the way Samuel Tweah does! He carries his empty skull around spewing out the absurdity and begging the poor support to make Weah a dictator only for him to exploit Weah manifest ignorance and cluelessness to plunder and loot the very last of the poor left in our coffers.

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