Pres. Weah Differs With Tweah, McGill & Others On Vote Rig – Terms the Party’s Defeat to the Incompetence of his Officials

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Liberian leader has expressed deep-seated regret in his cabinet ministers for what he considers as their poor performance in delivering on the much needed and anticipated “change for hope” promised the citizenry in the elections that brought the CDC to power through its Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. President Weah attributes the poor performance of his officials at various ministries and agencies for the massive defeat of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change in the just ended December 8, 2020 polls. Speaking in an impromptu meeting at his Rehab residence, the Liberian leader George Manneh Weah likened the party’s defeat twice in Monsterrado County to the depth of incompetence of his Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill, CBL Executive Governor J. Aloysius Tarlue, NPA Manager Bill Tweahway, Wilson K. Tarpeh, amongst others.

The Liberian leader who was seen furious in the mid-night meeting according to our sources accused his Minister of State Nathaniel McGill and Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah for misleading him that all is well with the Liberian people and he is the greatest president Liberia has ever had since its independence on July 26, 1847.

“I listened to the various airwaves every morning but much of what I hear is so much resentment for the two of you in my government. The public outcry against the two of you is so overwhelming to the extent our own partisans blame me every day that they are not benefiting from their own party they worked hard to bring to power. They have accused you of distributing jobs to your girlfriends and relatives over those of them who struggled and underwent humiliations just for walking behind the CDC for 12 unbroken years. From what I have gathered, most of our own people voted against the party in the just ended polls to call my attention to the grievances they have with our government”, President Weah asserted.

Moreover, the Liberian leader threatened to dismiss non-performing cabinet officials and stop listening to the wrong voices that have deceived him over the last three years that Cdceans and the citizenry, in general, are pleased with the performance of the government. “We need to wake up from the illusion that we are the best administration since Liberia’s founding and roll out our sleeves to get the Liberia we promised achieved in the remaining half of our six years term. There is no time in our favour! I will reach out anywhere I find the needed skills to help rebuild Liberia – whether in opposition or elsewhere. There is no time for a winner takes it all! We will need to reconcile our society and build strong social cohesion. If I can not get the capacity or skills required in my inner circle to have the job done for which our people have entrusted us, I will have to look outside”, the Liberian leader concluded.

However, our sources who hinted us said Nat McGill and Samuel Tweah struggled vaingloriously that with the titanic margins the opposition is at ahead of the CDC within vote-rich counties, especially Montserrado, they can still rig the polls and if opposition resists, they’ll put the police and other security personnel in the streets to restore kind in the country. According to what we have gathered, president Weah resisted plans to rig Montserrado, Bassa, Bomi, Nimba, Bong and Margibi polls considering the wave of public tensions and anguish that have attended the recently held mid-term senatorial elections. “I cannot dare risk my life with vote rigging and cut short my life and administration. After all, you and McGill will be on the next flight running away from the problem you want to put me in when everything breaks loose. We will have to work harder to deliver, but if we cannot do, it is fair we give the people their job back”, Pres. Weah concluded.

At the end of the meeting, there was a scene of drama at the president’s compound – as there was a pocket of blaming throwing between some top party’s officials like Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Jefferson T. Koijee, Acarous M. Gray, and others on one hand and Ministers Nathaniel F. McGill, Samuel D. Tweah, Bill Tweahway and others on the other hand. Chairman Morlu reiterated the party’s earlier position contained in a four-page paper he issued 2019 December. In the press statement, Morlu branded scores of cabinet officials as underachievers in the government. Chairman Morlu also branded Tweah and McGill in his leaked audio which he termed then as “liquor talks” as those among the list of public officials who have in less than one year in the CDC government, accumulated unexplained wealth. In the meeting, according to our credible sources, the party chairman said President Weah was informed ever since that both Tweah and McGill should be dismissed or be sent on diplomatic missions to safe the party and government from shame and embarrassment. However, Tweah, McGill and Bill Tweahway accused Morlu of gross administrative ineptitude to lead the party and explain the government’s successes scored in three years to the Liberian public. But in a sharp reaction to that, Morlu vehemently disagreed that it is not due to incompetence on the part of his leadership to make the public to appreciate the so-called successes of the government, but rather the manifest incompetence of cabinet officials to deliver on the responsibilities entrusted them by the president and the wider Liberian populace.

But insiders who hinted Parrot said the deep-seated confusion which attended a mid-night meeting in the President’s compound is a good signal for an opposition victory, especially the highly battled Monsterrado seat – as all attempts to rig the polls didn’t reach a resolution by all those in attendance including the president himself.

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  1. “The falling of the dry leaves is warning to the young ones”.
    The Liberian people will holistically speak to the President Weah in 2023.

  2. This is so sweet.
    No one, I say again, no one will abuse Liberia and its people, ever again. This is just d beginning.
    Mark my words, a time Wii come when we as a people, will empeach presidents who are users and abusers.

  3. I am in deep sympathy with the president.
    Leadership is very hard most especially when your heart is filled with love and drive for nationalism
    He did all best to employ his native brothers and sisters to government just to take proper care of his beloved people, but all of them follow greed.
    Beyray him.
    So sadden prezo!!!

  4. If this story is true and accurate, the president needs to take decisive by reshuffling his entire government and fire those who are giving him false and misleading information. The president should take full responsibility for losing the midterm elections, because the buck stops with him and come clean with the Liberian people.


  6. Thank you, Parrot, for lifting such breaking news. Our president must now listen to the right voices and hire competent people to help him get the job done.

    • Mr. President, please be careful and wise in handling a highly and national failure on the part of your officias. Otherwise, close friends and families or allies might turn out being desperate and infact dangerous enemies or foes to reckon with. Power is sweet but politics can become perilous and disastrous all because of greed and ambition. Remember the story of Julius Caesar?

  7. I hope he gets some of them out, because they are the real problem and don’t deserve to be maintained. I’m glad he didn’t listen to their evil suggestions to satisfy their selfish egos at the detriment of our peace we all enjoy today . it’s never too late to impress our people and regain the public trust. All he needs is, political will and courage to get the bad ones out,and bring in people who are more competent, willing, and ready to sacrifice to push the party agenda . Liberia first,and Liberia last. God bless you Mr. President

  8. The fish is rotten from the top. He George Weah is the most non performance official of the government. There is no solution to his problems. He must be a one term president.


  10. It is so much interesting to hear such a sad story; moreover, we Liberian hope to get the changes that will build our country and make us live a better life than struggling for development : Education, Agriculture, Health, Security and among others

    • The first native president cause a 14 years bloody war that took a way over 250000 lives n this is the second native president, the world is watching us.

  11. In my opinion, the incompetency, and arrogance starts with president Weah himself, he has no regard for how the Liberian people feel.
    Why has he not remove the Nigerian Nwabudike from the Liberian Anti corruption Commission? He has allowed minister McGill, and Tweah to do his work, while he stays home to watch reruns of his footballing days.
    He allowed people to lie to him, because he does not want to hear the truth. If he truly listens to radio and tv, why does he label those who disagree with his governance style to be enemies of the state? I think Weah should blame himself more for the failure of his government.

  12. If this story is accurate, I’m so happy within my spirit. I’m so surprised that Mr. Wiah will sound like a baby. Are you try tell me you were in excile while your so called cabinet ministers run the country? No you’ve been right there, you’ve driven around Monrovia, you listen to news. What did you want to see or hear before acting. Well I just feel for you at the moment cause it’s late now. You deceive your people. And as for those thieves who acquired their massive wealth overnight, wait and watch your time is near to give back to Liberians what you stole from them. This is the prelude come 2023.

  13. Mr. President, please be careful and wise in handling a sensitive and highly national failure on the part of your officias. Otherwise, close friends and families or allies might turn out being desperate and infact dangerous enemies or foes to reckon with. Power is sweet but politics can become perilous and disastrous all because of greed and ambition. Remember the story of Julius Caesar?

  14. President Weah, the people of Liberia demonstrated the highest protest against your poor performance as leader n the greatest protest await you come 2023

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