Where Is The ‘Crisis Jet’? -Indeed The Friends Are Not Known As The Good Samaritans; Although Their Names Not Disclosed; Rather Reflective In Contracts; But Then Who ARE The Friends Of Weah That Hide Their Faces Even From The Night?

Critics and skeptics of the Pro-poor regime are still anxiously and very eagerly asking for the whereabouts of the controversial private ‘crisis jet’ that President George M. Weah stated was given to him by a […]

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Dangerously ‘Conning’ -Quizzical & Troubling Motive; Printing Of LD48.733bn. On The Heed Of Elections; Amidst Grave Registered Suspicion Of Political Overtone

Government is best that governors the least. One of the things that the great American writer, Henry David Throeau was also and clearly alluding to was that a government that openly with sincerity, listens keenly […]

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Weah’s Second Term On Edge? -While Trapped In Massive ‘Political Ambush’; Can His Badly Deformed Charisma Fish Him Out?

In the beginning, it was all ha-ha-ha. .with the overly driven echo vibrating and cracking down every wall and solid steel item into a restless regimentation, as most keep-following-the-leaders push-over-loyalists, drunkenly chant the gather-around–me-praise-singers-on-my-political-merry-go-round as […]

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TRC’s Report ‘Absolute Rubbish’ -“Quote Me”; Rep. Boley Openly Brags; But Were There Ever Two LPCs In Liberia As Boley Wondered?

The custodian and leader or head of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC); one of the most brutally nefarious and monstrous killing machines, Dr. George S. Boley, in what most analysts and observers dubbed as the […]

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By Emmanuel Reeves Due to COVID-19, the University of Liberia adopted a new approach to learning which was and it is still new to the University of Liberia both teachers and students. The University of […]

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