Sleep-Walking Opposition -Unable To Solidify Organizational Tempo; Thus Paving CDC’s Road To Victory In 2023

In politics, if the task takes a long time, it pays to inwardly and outwardly be pragmatically visible vigorously, robustly and begin early with tactfulness.; In the same vein, time is enemy for the opposition […]

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If You Haul Rope -Rope Will Obliviously Haul ‘Bush’; As Tom Sankara’s Ghost Breaks Its Banks; ‘Jittery Phobia’ Grips Suspicious ‘Heavyweight’ From Afar

Crime does not pay and for those who convincingly think into believing that crime inflicted on others with emphasis on those innocent and defendless, by extension waged terror on them, wherein so many are murdered, […]

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Weah’s Second Term On Edge? -While Trapped In Massive ‘Political Ambush’; Can His Badly Deformed Charisma Fish Him Out?

In the beginning, it was all ha-ha-ha. .with the overly driven echo vibrating and cracking down every wall and solid steel item into a restless regimentation, as most keep-following-the-leaders push-over-loyalists, drunkenly chant the gather-around–me-praise-singers-on-my-political-merry-go-round as […]

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TRC’s Report ‘Absolute Rubbish’ -“Quote Me”; Rep. Boley Openly Brags; But Were There Ever Two LPCs In Liberia As Boley Wondered?

The custodian and leader or head of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC); one of the most brutally nefarious and monstrous killing machines, Dr. George S. Boley, in what most analysts and observers dubbed as the […]

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Press Release for Immediate Release

Monrovia, 13 April 2021: The Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM) has officially joined the coalition of Liberian organizations and interest groups to demand the 54th Legislature to restore the 5% equity right granted to Liberians by […]

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Infectious Disease Scientist, Dr. Nyan wants More COVID-19 Vaccines for Poorer Countries Debt Cancellation

BALTIMORE, MARCH 18, 2021 – A prominent scientist speaking recently at the Academy Health program of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health has called for more COVID-19 vaccines for low-to-middle income countries and […]

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Address by His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. Former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia And Standard Bearer, Unity Party of Liberia, Delivered at the 59th Commencement Convocation of Cuttington University Suakoko, Bong County Friday, March 12, 2021

Dr. Herman Browne, President; The Chairman and Members of the Board of Trustees; Administrators, Staff, and Faculty; Student Body; Parents, Guardians, and Well-wishers; Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen I am honored and indeed pleased to have […]

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Above All Else, We Are Human First

Poem Authored by Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh (Sage) No matter the political power we possess, the big positions we occupy, the influence we wield, we are human first; No matter the wealth we have acquired, […]

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